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5 important apps for driving in the UAE

It’s quite an experience when driving in the UAE. Even more so if you’re used to driving on the other side of the road and in very different weather conditions. But whether you’re an experienced driver or new to the roads, we are here to make your drive around the UAE a whole lot easier!

So here’s 5 apps we absolutely can’t live without when driving in the UAE:

  • Google Maps

  • RTA Dubai

  • Dubai Police

  • Cafu

  • Careem

Google Maps

Easily the best navigation app around, Google Maps is essential if you want to make your way around Dubai quickly and easily. The app is constantly evolving and even gives you alternative routes if driving conditions suddenly change (due to traffic or accidents, for example).

RTA Dubai

This is the driving super app you must have on your mobile. You can do almost all everything related to driving with it: paying for Salik (Dubai’s toll system), paying for parking, checking up on traffic fines, managing your vehicle’s number plates and also topping up your Nol card, which is mostly used on public transport.

Dubai Police

The Dubai Police serve the community with the utmost dedication and if you ever need their help, they are just a tap away on the app. For motorists though, it's mostly used for anyone that should find themselves in a car accident. You can also use the app to pay for any traffic fines you may get.


Cafu is peak Dubai convenience with its mobile refuelling service. Cafu lets you book a refuel anywhere in Dubai! The best part? It’s the same price as the service station! Cafu can also help out with a car wash, tire fixing and a host of other car maintenance services. Speaking from experience, we can safely say that Cafu is a lifesaver!


A homegrown Dubai startup, Careem started out as a ride hailing service and has evolved to a super app with delivery at its core. You can even use the app to book a Dubai RTA taxi, so it’s the perfect app for when you don’t wish to drive, but still need to get around. You can order groceries, food, medicines and home cleaning services via the Careem app for added convenience.

And here’s a bonus app you absolutely need: Shazza - available on iOS and Android - it’s the only Dubai car rental app where the city is your fleet!

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