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Day trip to Ajman

It’s December in Dubai which means the weather is so much cooler, you can walk outside a lot more and you can venture out to more places with your windows down!

It’s also an excellent opportunity to go out on a road trip and we’ve got an excellent plan for you. Make a meal of it and go on a day trip to Ajman, a tiny little emirate just north of Sharjah.

As the saying goes, big things come in small packages and whilst Ajman is the smallest emirate in the UAE (259sq. km!), it has plenty on offer to make the trek from Dubai worth your while.

Ajman is at least 35-45 minutes from Downtown Dubai but it depends on the time of day and traffic around the area (particularly as you venture through Sharjah).

Ajman Beach

No visit to Ajman is complete without a visit to Ajman Beach. Clear waters, soft sand and excellent for families. And the best part? You don’t need to pay anything to access the beach.

Ajman China Mall

Looking for an alternative to Dubai’s high end shopping outlets? Ajman China Mall has got something for you. Think of it like Dragon Mart’s little cousin with just as many bargains on a mind boggling variety of things. You may need to arrange another visit because once is never enough here!

Ajman Museum

An affordable, interesting and captivating experience, the Ajman Museum is a must-see for anyone who’s never been to Ajman. The museum highlights local culture and the history of Ajman. Lots to see and learn!

Saleh Souq Ajman

An all time classic, this marketplace (souq) is one of the oldest in Ajman. There’s plenty on offer at prices you might find surprising! From spice to jewellery to clothes and all sorts of little trinkets, we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to leave this souq without making a few purchases!

Al Zorah

Home to the Al Zorah Marina 1 and the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, there’s all sorts of water based activities to enjoy. Kayak in the nature reserve amongst the mangroves and admire local wildlife that live in the area. When you’re done, take a stroll down the Al Zorah Marina and enjoy a lovely meal with sea views - perfect for sunsets!

So there you have it folks - a nice little day trip to Ajman planned for you. And we've got plenty of cars for hire to get you there!

Have you been to Ajman? Let us know!

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