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Electric Cars: some things to clear up

Electric cars are changing the way we drive, bringing in new technology and green solutions. You’ll no doubt see more charging stations at popular malls in Dubai (and elsewhere!) so it’s clear that the city has a growing appetite for EVs (as they’re commonly known!).

However, there are some common misunderstandings about them that we thought we’d like to clear up.

Some common myths are that electric cars can't go far, charging takes forever, and they cost too much to maintain.

We want to make it simple for you to see the real benefits of electric cars and why they're a great choice for the future.

Let's dive into the truth about electric cars and discover why they're not just a buzz but a smart and eco-friendly way to hit the road.

Limited Range:

Misconception - Electric cars have limited range.

Reality - Many electric vehicles (EVs) now offer competitive ranges, and advancements in battery technology continue to extend this range.

Charging Takes Forever:

Misconception - Charging an electric car is a time-consuming process.

Reality - With advancements like fast-charging stations, electric cars can achieve significant charge levels in a short time, and home charging is convenient overnight.

Expensive Maintenance:

Misconception - Electric cars are expensive to maintain.

Reality - EVs generally have fewer moving parts than traditional vehicles, leading to lower maintenance costs. There's no need for oil changes, and brake maintenance is often reduced due to regenerative braking.

Lack of Charging Infrastructure:

Misconception - There isn't enough charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Reality - The charging infrastructure is rapidly expanding globally, with more public charging stations and the ability to charge at home. This trend is expected to continue.

Limited Model Options:

Misconception - There are very few electric car models available.

Reality - The electric vehicle market is growing, and many automakers offer diverse models, from compact cars to SUVs and luxury vehicles.

Not Environmentally Friendly:

Misconception - Electric cars are not truly environmentally friendly due to the energy used to produce electricity.

Reality - Even when factoring in the energy used in manufacturing and electricity generation, electric cars tend to have lower overall carbon footprints compared to traditional vehicles.

Batteries' Short Lifespan:

Misconception - Electric car batteries degrade quickly, leading to frequent replacements. Reality - Advances in battery technology have significantly increased the lifespan of electric car batteries, and manufacturers often provide warranties for a specified number of years.

Performance Sacrifice:

Misconception - Electric cars sacrifice performance for efficiency.

Reality - Many electric cars offer impressive acceleration and performance, with instant torque delivery, providing a smooth and powerful driving experience.

High Initial Cost:

Misconception - Electric cars are too expensive for the average consumer.

Reality - While the upfront cost may be higher, government incentives, reduced operating costs, and the lowering price of batteries contribute to making electric cars more financially accessible.

Fire Risk:

Misconception - Electric cars pose a higher risk of fire.

Reality - Electric vehicles undergo rigorous safety testing, and while fires can occur, they are rare and often no more frequent than in traditional vehicles. Proper safety measures and regulations are in place to mitigate these risks.

We hope this provides much needed understanding on the reality of electric vehicles.

Find an electric car for hire in Dubai right here on Shazza.

Have you driven an electric car? What was that like? Let us know!

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