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Famous car logos and the stories behind them - part 2

Previously, we talked about famous car logos and the interesting history around them - and this is a continuation of that walk down history lane. In our research, we couldn’t help but be amazed at how unique each logo truly is in terms of how they originated. Rolls Royce The Rolls-Royce logo is a pair of intertwined R's, which were designed by Charles Sykes, a British sculptor. The R's represent the company's founders, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. The logo was first used in 1904, and it has remained largely unchanged ever since. Safe to say it’s fairly iconic and easily recognisable along with the famous “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament that makes any Rolls Royce stand out. Rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai. Bentley Along the same vein, we have the equally iconic Bentley. The Bentley logo is a winged B, which was created by F. Gordon Crosby in 1919. The wings represent speed and performance, and the B stands for Bentley. The wings on the logo are asymmetrical, with one wing having more feathers than the other. This is said to be a reference to Bentley's racing heritage, as asymmetrical wings were often used on racing cars to improve aerodynamics. Rent a Bentley in Dubai. Nissan The Nissan logo is a stylized letter N, which is surrounded by a circle. The circle represents the sun, while the letter N represents the company's name. The logo was designed by Yoshiro Hashimoto, the former head of design for Nissan. It was first used in 1933 and has undergone many changes to become the logo that we see today. Rent a Nissan in Dubai. Aston Martin The Aston Martin logo is a pair of wings with the words "Aston Martin" written in between them. Lionel Martin and Robert Bramford teamed up in 1913 to produce a car for the famous Aston Hill run in Buckinghamshire, England. The iconic Aston Martin wings were not initially used in the logo when their first commercial car launched in 1921. But the name Aston Martin was used to symbolize the climb up Aston Hill and after Lionel Martin himself. Initially, an overlaid “A” and “M” were used but was soon replaced with the now iconic winged logo featuring the name “Aston Martin”. Rent an Aston Martin in Dubai. Mitsubishi Mitsubishi is synonymous with Japan’s engineering prowess. And the company’s logo is just as iconic and recognised the worldover. The design is intertwined with the company name which further adds to the intrigue. Mitsubishi means "three diamonds" in Japanese. The name is a combination of the words "mitsu" (three) and "hishi" (water chestnut), which is a diamond shape in Japanese. The three diamonds in the logo represent the three-leaf crest of the Tosa Clan and the three stacked rhombuses of the Iwasaki family crest. Yataro Iwasaki, the founder of Mitsubishi, chose the three-diamond mark as the emblem for his company. Rent a Mitsubishi in Dubai. Shazza has all of these cars with their famous logos, ready for hire. And if you’re looking for a different car for hire in Dubai, we’ve got many other options to choose from.

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