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GCC Specs vs. American Specs: What's the Difference?

When it comes to cars in Dubai (or the GCC in general), one of the most important decisions you'll need to make is whether to opt for GCC or American specs. GCC specs are designed for the hot and humid climate of the Middle East, while American specs are designed for the colder and drier climate of the United States - that’s the simple explanation.

So, what are the key differences between GCC and American specs?

Radiators GCC car radiators are larger than American spec radiators to cope with the extreme heat of the Middle East.

Air conditioning

The AC compressor in GCC spec cars is more powerful than American spec AC compressors to provide better cooling in hot weather. We hear the Nissan Sunny has Arctic-grade AC!

Air filters GCC spec cars have stronger air filtration to cope with the dusty, sandy climate of the Middle East. Without these types of filters, your car’s mechanics would be subject to a lot more damage.

Tyres GCC spec cars come with wider tyres than American spec cars to provide better grip on sand and loose surfaces which would be more common in the Middle East. (But we all know Dubai has some of the best roads in the world!)

Fuel tanks GCC spec cars have larger fuel tanks than American spec cars to allow for longer journeys in hot weather. The larger fuel tank also gives the fuel more room to ‘breathe’ as it expands in the heat.

Interior GCC spec cars often have different interior features than American spec cars. For example, cars in colder climates are more likely to come with seat warmers and those in warmer climates are more likely to have sunroofs.

Rust protection As much as we live in the desert, we also live near the coast and this means higher levels of humidity. GCC spec cars are better equipped to handle this than American spec cars.

It makes sense to expect more GCC spec cars in the GCC than American spec cars - but it always pays to check before buying or renting a car.

Personally, we love all cars, no matter their specs - but we opt for cars that match the climate so we can be assured of a pleasant drive every time.

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