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How to drive safely in UAE fog

It's coming up to winter in the UAE and that often brings about more fog than usual.

Driving in the fog sometimes takes people off guard, especially if they've never experienced it before. But we've got you covered with our tips on how to drive safely in the fog:

Use fog lights

Most cars come with fog lights and it's the best thing you can use when driving in fog. These lights cut through the dense fog so other drivers can see you. This is what the fog light symbol looks like in most cars and you can switch it on/off by adjusting your headlights (check your car manual).

Consider changing your plans

If you can change the time when you have to drive, you just might be able to avoid the fog. It also means less cars on the road and less chance of accidents. The fog will not stay forever, so if you can, wait it out.

Drive slower

Driving slower in the fog reduces your chance of an accident due to low visibility. You may get to your destination a little later, but it's worth it.

Control the temperature

Fog can sometimes bring cool air with it and that means condensation inside your car. Increase the temperature inside and use the demister to clear up any internal fog in your car. The demister works for the front and rear windows and may have different symbols. Check your car to see what yours looks like and where it can be found.

No need for hazard lights

Like driving in the rain, there's no need for hazard lights in the fog. Some drivers in the UAE like to do this (and they mean well!) but it's counterproductive. Instead, stick to the tips above for safer driving in the fog.

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