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How to drive safely when it rains in UAE

It might not rain very much in the UAE, but when it does, it can be quite the experience! It could present challenges for drivers who may have forgotten what it’s like to drive in the rain.

The UAE has excellent roads and is always working hard to keep drivers safe.

Wet weather brings about all sorts of things to be mindful of, such as reduced visibility, reduced speed of traffic and potential pools of water across the roads.

This means you have to be on your guard and extra careful when driving in the rain.

And because driving in the rain in UAE is different to driving in other, wetter countries, we’ve got a few tips to help you stay safe on the roads when it rains:

Keep back!

You know you have to keep a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you (usually 2 car lengths) but when it rains, it's better to double that! It gives you more room to slow down, if you need to suddenly brake.

Go slow!

We know these wide open roads make you want to push the pedal to the metal, but in wet weather, the direct opposite is highly recommended. Driving slower gives you more time and room in case you have to hit the brakes.

Stick to your lane! (As much as possible)

Due to reduced vision in the rain, other cars may not see you clearly when changing lanes. Staying in your lane keeps you and everyone else safe. Also, frequently changing lanes is a recipe for disaster (no matter the weather).

No need for hazard lights!

Many drivers seem to think they're helping others by putting the hazard lights on when it rains. While it may be well-intentioned, it could cause more harm than good (talk about a mixed signal!). Hazard lights are only for use when in a genuine emergency or to signal for cars to move around you.

Shazza Pro Tip:

We highly recommend checking your windscreen wipers regularly as they are critical for keeping you safe when driving in wet weather! And while we’re at it, it doesn’t hurt to keep an umbrella inside your car too. It’s also handy for summer!

Shazza is all about safe driving, all day, every day, no matter the weather, the traffic or the kind of car you’re driving. Everyone deserves to feel safe on our roads and we encourage you to drive safe, always.

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