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How to rent a car responsibly

At Shazza, we make it super easy to find a rental car in Dubai, no matter what make or model you like.

We like to think that our Carpreneurs and customers appreciate everything about motoring pleasure and taking good care of each car.

But we thought it would be handy to share a primer for car renters on how to be the best car renters, ever!

Inspect the Car

Before driving away, thoroughly inspect the car for any existing damage or issues. Take photos or videos to document the car's condition. If you spot any pre-existing damage, raise it straight away.

Drive Responsibly

This goes without saying! Treat the rental car as if it were your own. Drive responsibly, obey Dubai’s traffic laws, and avoid aggressive driving, which can increase the risk of accidents and fines (nobody wants that!).

Avoid Smoking and Pets

Whilst we love our fur buddies, we also need to respect the wishes of Carpreneurs if pets aren’t allowed in the car. The same goes for smoking - best to smoke away from the car (even if the owner is ok with it) - safety first!

Protect the Interior

Keep the interior clean and free of debris. Avoid eating messy foods, and use seat covers or towels if transporting items that could potentially damage the seats or carpets. Some Carpreneurs may have strict no food policies and these are to be respected.

Fill Up with the Correct Fuel

Some Carpreneurs prefer Special instead of Super - and some don’t mind either way - but always check first and ensure you fill up with the correct fuel for the car.

Be Mindful of Curbs and Obstacles

Whilst Shazza encourages you to enjoy driving your car, please pay attention when parking and avoid curbs, potholes (these are so few in Dubai though!), and obstacles that could damage the tires or wheels. Remember, this car belongs to someone else!

Keep Children Secure If traveling with children, use appropriate child safety seats and follow Dubai’s driving laws regarding child restraints. Safety first, always!

Report Issues Promptly

If you notice any problems with the car during the rental period (e.g., warning lights, unusual noises), report them to Shazza immediately. The sooner these issues are raised, the sooner they can be resolved. This can be a big safety issue, first and foremost.

Return the Car on Time

Return the car at the agreed-upon time and location. Late returns may result in additional charges.

Fill Up the Tank Return the car with a full tank of fuel - it’s common courtesy and part of the policy of renting a car on Shazza.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure a trouble-free rental experience and minimize the risk of any issues with the Carpreneur.

Find a rental car in Dubai in just a few steps, right here on Shazza.

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