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Hybrid cars vs electric cars - how different are they?

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

There’s no doubt that the climate is on everyone’s mind and the rise of electric cars has only fueled (pun intended) the debate on how we will fuel our cars in the future.

Apart from cars powered by petrol and diesel, we have cars that run purely on electricity. But there’s also hybrid cars; cars that use a mixture of electricity and conventional fuels.

Hybrid cars land in the middle of the car fuel spectrum and present a viable alternative to a greener future.

Whilst hybrid cars still use some petrol, but not during the entire time the vehicle is running. The idea behind a hybrid vehicle is to use the vehicle’s kinetic motion to charge the batteries. The batteries then get to work and power the vehicle at lower speeds, thereby reducing fuel consumption and producing less emissions. It’s a win all round: for you and the environment.

The other difference between hybrid cars and electric cars, is that hybrid cars never need to be plugged into an electrical source to charge up. As more and more electric cars hit our roads, you can expect to see even more charging points in malls and elsewhere across Dubai.

We’ll spare you the technical details of how car engines work, but the above is the simplified version of what makes hybrid vehicles different from purely electric vehicles.

Electric cars have come a long way and the rise of the humble hybrid has encouraged more drivers to consider alternative options when it comes to how their cars are powered.

Whatever your fuel preference, at Shazza, we have a wide range of rental cars to choose from to suit your style.

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