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Our Top 5 Restaurants In Dubai

Our top 5 restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is the land of the food & drink. The city’s most competitive dining scene to date, here are our favorite restaurants in Dubai that are a must visit.

Choosing a place to eat is not an easy decision when it comes to dining in Dubai. There are so many cuisines, options, ambience and entertainment.

  1. Coya

Born from the spirit of adventure, COYA is more than just a fine dining restaurant. They provide a full immersive experience inspired by the vibrant latin american culture. With flavor and flair, COYA is bursting with the most exciting infusions on their peru inspired menu.

Check out some of what they have to offer here:

  1. Amazonico

In the heat of DIFC, the beautiful Amazonico takes you into a whole other world. Serving a range of Latin American dishes from the freshest raw seafood to carefully sourced meats. The culture of the music, the drums with a mix of rainforest is the perfect match for a beautiful evening. Amazonico turns into a party on a weekend.

Check out what they have to offer here

  1. Opa

It all began on a small island in Greece.OPA promises a menu of traditional Greek eats, a friendly atmosphere and charming Greek interiors inspired by the islands. Greek music, authentic Zorba dancing and a friendly ambience. Some of OPA favorites include, meats, zesty salads, fresh fish dishes and sweet pastries.

Check out Opa here

  1. Gaia

The best Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai. The name Gaia, after the Greek goddess of earth, the mother of the sun, the mountains and the sea. Offering a modern palette and a captivating charm, Gaia is the heart of DIFC fueled by their underground club NYX that operates from after-dinner vibes until late. Be sure to be involved in the party if you visit this restaurants.

Check out more information on Gaia here:

  1. Zuma

Zuma, contemporary Japanese cuisine that is authentic but not traditional. The Zuma menu showcases a variety of dishes from its three kitchens. Zuma offers a sophisticated traditional Japanese Izakaya style of informal eating and drinking and has 12 venues globally and 5 seasonal locations. But, it’s Dubai venue’s cocktails and hospitality that really stand out.

Check it out for yourself

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