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Renting a car for the first time in Dubai

New to driving in Dubai?

Whether you’re new to Dubai as a resident or a tourist, renting a car will help you get around and get acclimated in no time! A car gives you the freedom to explore this great city on your own time, in a vehicle of your choice. Dubai is a place that is built for driving. It might seem a little daunting at first but the road network and one way system is super easy to follow. You won’t have any issues with navigating around the city while enjoying the wonderful scenic avenues and desert landscapes.

Things you need to know before driving in Dubai:

  • They drive on the right and pass on the left (just like in most of Europe and the US)

  • The minimum driving age is 18 years old, although you can only rent a car if you are over 21 years old and for some supercar rental companies you will only be able to drive their cars if you’re over 21

  • If you are from one of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC), the US, Australia or a European country, you don’t need an International Driving Licence as you’ll be able to drive with your own license as long as you hold a tourist visa. For all other nationalities, make sure you obtain an international driving license

Pros of renting a car:

  • Dubai is designed for cars

  • You will save money

  • Freedom to explore

  • Choice of cars

  • Adventure and exploring

Driving cars in Dubai gives you opportunity to go and visit the places you want to see, with ease. At Shazza, we make that process even more simple for you by putting everything you need into one place: Our app.

Download our app (Shazza on iOS / Shazza on Android) or visit our website shazza - If you have any questions, you can visit our FAQ page or email us on

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