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Renting a luxury car in Dubai

Reasons why renting a luxurious car in Dubai should be on your bucket list!

Shazza has a large fleet of cars available to rent, with the likes of the luxurious brands such as Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari at extremely reasonable prices. If you’re coming to Dubai, renting one of these beauties should certainly be on your bucket list.

Why you should rent a car on your next visit to Dubai:

Drive your dream car: you get to drive the car you have always dreamed of! And Shazza can make that happen. In many countries it’s rare to spot a luxury car, let alone be able to rent one. In Dubai, the opportunities and options are endless.

Reasonable prices: our fleet of luxury vehicles come with reasonable prices - meaning you could be sitting in your dream car today!

Make a lasting impression: driving a high-end car creates a buzz and a lasting impression on others around you. If you are going to a top-tier hotel or restaurant, arriving in style will definitely get you noticed!.

No maintenance charges: you pay minor fees upon rental of your selected vehicle. You dodge the daily high maintenance costs that a luxury vehicle has.

An experience: beautiful, classy and luxurious cars with a sophisticated design and look that are superb to drive. There is no better way to travel around Dubai.

Required documents to rent a car:

UAE Nationals and Residents

  • Original passport or copy

  • UAE resident ID card

  • UAE driving license

International tourists

  • Original passport or copy

  • Stamped Visa copy

  • A valid international driving license

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