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Road trippin' with Shazza

It’s road trippin’ time everyone!

Windows down, hair out, and nothin’ but blue skies and endless roads for us to explore!

Can you tell we’re excited about this time of year?!

So let’s show you how we prepare for road trips at Shazza.

Road Ready!

Your car should always be regularly serviced to ensure it’s running in the best possible shape but whether you’ve missed a few services or are disciplined about it - always get your car checked out before a long road trip. You don’t want any nasty surprises along the way.


Get your tires checked - replace any balding tires and get the pressure just right. In the cooler months, your tire pressure will be different than in the summer months. There’s always helpful attendants at gas stations who will provide the best advice for you if you’re unsure.


Whether you’re using the AUX cable or bluetooth, no road trip is complete without music to jam to! In fact, some of the best road trip memories come from the tunes we listen to along the way. Load up your tracks, get your playlists in order and while you’re at it, fire up Shazza Streams for an exciting journey with your favourite beats and melodies.


Pack all the snacks so no one gets hangry and you can avoid road rage! Also, be sure to stop into the many little cafeterias and grocery stores you see dotted around UAE’s roads - they always have plenty of treats and eats to delight your tastebuds and sometimes even have old school items and some things you just won’t find anywhere else! Laban Up and Oman Chips make a great road trip snack btw!

Pack a bag!

We like to be prepared for any eventuality. Pack spare clothes, chargers and disposable/reusable bags - you never know when you’ll need a change of clothes, to refuel your devices. Also, even if you’re not planning on going to the beach, we highly recommend always packing your beach gear - because if you’re like us, you can’t say no to a frolick on the sand and a splash in the ocean!

Rent a car in Dubai with Shazza and get going on your next road trip!

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