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Rush hour timings and roads to avoid in Dubai

How to avoid the traffic:

Dubai’s consistently growing in multiple sectors including infrastructure, technology, business and tourism. As one of the most progressive cities in the world, Dubai stands to witness and huge flow of investors, tourists and job seekers every single year.

The airports remain busy throughout the seasons, with the situation on the road being not so much different. With a wide network of interlinked roads in the city, it’s almost impossible to avoid traffic while driving within the peak hours, especially on the main connecting roads such as Sheik Zayed Road towards Sharjah and Al Khalil Road.

Peak hours:

Office openings and school timings include huge traffic between 8AM - 9AM and between 5PM - 7PM. Steer clear of these timings to avoid busy roads in Dubai.


  • Check for road-works before leaving by checking the GPS on Waze(link) or Google maps (link)

  • Track the congested areas.

  • Use the Dubai police app to be well informed on traffic conditions

  • Go for the weekend mornings and utilize early hours for commuting

We hope that although we can’t change the inflow of heavy traffic and commuting, that the information we have provided can help you successfully avoid traffic while driving on Dubai roads and reach your destination on time.

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