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Safe driving during the holidays, the Shazza way

At Shazza, driving is more than just a passion. Driving is in our blood. There’s fewer things more enjoyable to us than getting behind the wheel and hitting the road in a sweet ride. And the longer the journey, the better!

But there’s one kind of drive that’s always at the top of our list: a safe drive.

Now we all should be driving safely at all times, but during the holidays there’s a greater need to be on your best driving behavior as there can be increased traffic and unusual weather conditions.

So here’s how to drive safely during the holidays, the Shazza way:

Obey the speed limit

We’re all guilty of skirting the rules on this one at some point, but following the speed limit is truly in everyone’s best interests. Apart from avoiding costly speeding fines, it’s the safe thing to do - for you and for everyone around you.

Use the indicator

Do we really need to remind people about this? Using the indicator is the single most considerate thing you can do whilst driving. It alerts other drivers as to your intentions (lane changes, turning), allowing others to prepare accordingly.

Keep a safe distance

There’s many benefits when you don’t tailgate the car in front of you. If they suddenly stop or slow down, you have enough room to slow down or stop safely. Most accidents occur because motorists fail to keep a safe distance between them.

Follow the signs

From stop signs to give way signs and pedestrian crossings, there’s a sign for everything and it’s there for everyone’s safety. Stop signs are literally just that: a place for your vehicle to come to a complete stop, for good reason!. As for pedestrian crossings? The rules apply to both drivers and pedestrians alike.

Be in the right lane

In the UAE, we drive on the right hand side of the road. And on the highways, the fast lane is the left most lane and the right most lane is the slowest lane (it’s also where the on-ramps and off-ramps are). The general rule is that you should only overtake on the left - if you’re being overtaken on the right handside, it means you’re driving too slow for your lane. This is a tricky one because many drivers seem to think that any lane is fine as long as they’re moving - but this is a major cause of accidents!

A safe drive is a great drive! We all want to get home safely to our loved ones this holiday season, so it is important we are considerate of all parties when driving to our destinations! As long as you’re aware of the road rules, are able to drive according to the conditions (weather or traffic) and are comfortable with your car, you’ll be just fine on the road.

Here’s to many kilometers of safe driving, the Shazza way!

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