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Special vs Super: what's the difference

Fuel stations in the UAE offer 2 main kinds of petrol: Super and Special.

At their core, they’re essentially the same. It’s not like we’re comparing petrol with diesel which are quite different and could be detrimental to your car engine if you were to use the wrong fuel type!

So which one is better? Let’s look at what each one is and what makes it different from the other fuel type.

Super is also known as Super 98 octane and is more expensive than Special. The higher cost may make some drivers think it's better, but it all depends on your car's engine. The octane rating is a number used to measure an engine and its fuel performance, and the higher the rating, the longer it will take to detonate before the engine needs it. Super fuels are also denser than Special fuels, offering more power per litre. They also include more cleaning additives to help keep injectors clean.

But will using Super 98 octane fuel boost your vehicle's performance? Unfortunately, no. If you fill your car with a lower octane fuel than the manufacturer recommends, it could cause major damage to your engine over time. Super 98 octane fuel is meant for high-performance cars, as their engines use high pressure and temperatures. To avoid potential damage, only use the fuel type recommended by your car's manufacturer.

Special on the other hand, is also known as Special 95 octane. And apart from being less dense than Super and with less additives, it’s also cheaper than Super. For most cars, this is perfectly fine and it also works out better for your hip pocket. But as mentioned before, it pays to use the correct fuel type for your vehicle for the wellbeing of your engine and yourself (and your passengers!).

To find out which fuel type your car needs, consult your user manual or visit the manufacturer's website. You can also ask an attendant at the fuel station for advice.

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