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What is the most popular car in Dubai?

When it comes to popular cars in Dubai, it might not be nearly as obvious.

You have to factor in car types (it’s clear we have a lot of SUVs!) but what about actual makes and models?

The reason why we believe there’s no clear winner is because of the many considerations to keep in mind.

For example, the humble Nissan Sunny is very popular. It’s often touted as a “driver’s car”; as the vehicle of choice for families and companies who have a driver on hand. It’s compact, fuel efficient and just does the job.

But we also know that the Toyota Corolla is an equally reliable contender, given their worldwide acclaim as solid cars that hold their value and also get the job done. And who can forget the Toyota Yaris which has evolved into a viable alternative to the Corolla (in every respect!).

So why then is the most popular car in Dubai still unclear?

Because a place like Dubai has a lot of taxis - and these are almost always a Toyota Camry. There are many notable exceptions with some taxis being a form of Hyundai or Kia. You may find Dubai taxis in the form of minivans (perfect for group outings and a must when returning home from the airport!)

It’s not hard to spot Nissan Patrols rolling through the streets alongside Rang Rovers, Land Cruisers and the ever popular Mercedes-Benz G Wagons.

Frankly, we’re not really sure we can truly pin a particular car type or make or model down as the ultimate vehicle of choice in Dubai.

One thing we can certainly be sure of is that when it comes to renting a car in Dubai, Shazza is the perfect choice.

Whether you’ve got your eyes set on a Lamborghini or Ferrari; or if your wallet prefers something more affordable (and you’re not about that glitzy sportscar life!) Shazza has plenty of rental cars to suit your style, budget and needs.

Rent a car in Dubai today with Shazza, where the city is your fleet.

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