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What to expect as a renter

Have you ever found it long-winded to rent a car in Dubai? Felt uncomfortable sharing a copy of your passport via WhatsApp? Waited much longer than promised for your deposit to be returned?

We want to eliminate the feelings of frustration in the process of renting cars in Dubai, which is why YOU now as a renter have everything you need in one app! Not only have we simplified the process and made it super user friendly, we also offer the full range of cars on the market, from economy to luxury. The city is your fleet!

To rent a car, you just sign up - for free - as a user on our app or website. To sign up, we require your basic info and the following documentation.

UAE residents:

  • UAE issued driver’s license that has been held for at least 6 months

  • A passport copy (photo ID page and visa page) or Emirates ID (front and back)

  • Relevant insurance papers, check out more about insurance here:

Tourists and visitors:

  • A passport copy (photo ID page and visa page or pre approved visa)

  • Drivers license – check our KYC to see if your country’s license is approved or you need an international license:

  • Relevant insurance papers, check out more about insurance here:

We only require your documentation to be uploaded once, and then you can make unlimited bookings. Within 24 hours of submitting the required documents and information, your account will be verified which means that you’re able to rent the car of your choice - from economy to luxury cars - already the next day. Whether you are on holiday in Dubai or live here, Shazza is here to make rentals easier for everyone!

Pros of renting a car on Shazza

  • Filter through to find exactly what you need, by car type, price, dates, features, and more

  • Strong cyber security for user’s data and documents

  • Pick up car or get it delivered

  • Instant-book and request-to-book options

  • Only 7.5% service fee charged per booking

What about my deposit?

At Shazza we do it differently than other car rental companies, and we guarantee that your deposit is released 14 days after the end of booking, so no need to worry about long returns of funds! The Carpreneur hosting your rental is able to see any tolls, tickets or fines you may have incurred during your booking within those 14 days, and those charges will be reduced from your deposit before it is returned to you.

Got more questions? Give us a shout at

Now, let’s Shazza!

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