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Who's Shazza?

Who is Shazza?

We are a brand new app and website revolutionizing the car rental industry in Dubai.

A peer-to-peer car rental platform, Shazza is changing the way we rent cars in Dubai, one drive at a time. It's no secret that Dubai is the land of “extra,” doing the absolute most and raising the bar for almost everything. Shazza is doing exactly that for one of the most important aspects of life - mobility.

Shazza is more than car rentals. More than just an exchange of coins and car keys, it is a technology platform that makes the process of renting a car easier for everyone, while providing car owners with the opportunity to turn their car into a money making asset. We connect private car owners (Carpreneurs, as we call them) and car rental companies with car renters.

Shazza doesn’t just take car rental matchmaking to a whole new level of ease and simplicity. As part of the sharing economy - and by extension, contributing to global sustainability - we level the playing field for consumers, open doors of opportunity and maximize readily available resources.

The Shazza service includes:

  • No sign-up fees for Carpreneurs or renters

  • All-inclusive calendar management system of bookings

  • Strong cyber security for user data and documents

  • Payouts to Carpreneurs sent latest 18 days after end of booking

  • Renters deposits held on Shazza’s payment gateway for 14 days

  • Smart learning technology to assist in optimizing Carpreneurs profits

Stay tuned for our next blog posts to see more details about the benefits of becoming a Carpreneur and how to do it!

Do you want to learn more ?

Email us at

Now let’s Shazza!

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