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  • What is Shazza?
    Shazza is a peer-to-peer car rental platform that allows private car owners and car rental companies to list their cars for rent, and allows renters to find and book cars. Renters can browse our large and varied fleet, compare prices and rental conditions, and book a car directly through the app or website.
  • How does Shazza work?
    Renters request to book a car via our app or website, and once the Carpreneur approves the request, renter and Carpreneur coordinate car pick up/delivery. Simple, right!
  • What is a carpreneur?
    Carpreneur is what we call our car owners - cute, right? Like car entrepreneurs. This refers to both private car owners and car rental companies. Think of them as the host of your rental!
  • What if I want to rent a car in a different location?
    Shazza currently only allows rentals in Dubai. However, car owners may be willing to arrange delivery or pickup elsewhere in the UAE for an additional fee. Want us to come to another city? Let us know!
  • How can I rent a car through Shazza?
    You choose a car from our fleet, request to book it, Carpreneur approves booking, and you coordinate pick up/delivery of the car with Carpreneur. When you receive the car, you upload a video of the car's exterior and interior onto Shazza along with a picture of the dashboard, and then you’re ready to start cruising!
  • Do I need to create an account to use Shazza?
    To browse our fleet, no account is needed. To book a car, you need to have a verified account on Shazza, which simply entails making a user with your email and phone number, and then uploading your ID, drivers license, and proof of residence. Once we verify your documents (within 24 hrs of uploading them), you can book all the cars you like!
  • What are the requirments to rent a car through Shazza?
    You must have a verified account, which simply means we have verified the identification documents you have uploaded. Minimum age to rent is 25 years old, with the majority of listings allowing 21 years old.
  • How old do I need to be to rent a car on Shazza?
    Generally, renters must be at least 25 years old and hold a valid driver's license to rent a car on Shazza. However, the majority of Carpreneurs allow renters of minimum 21 years old, where some may choose to charge a young driver fee.
  • Is insurance included when I rent a car through Shazza?
    When booking a car from a car rental company through Shazza, the car rental company has their own fleet insurance policy which covers the renters booking. When booking a privately owned car, Shazza provides 3 different insurance coverage options, further described here. Carpreneurs decide which of them they accept from the renters
  • Will the car be dropped off to me or do I need to pick it up?
    This is determined by the Carpreneur, and is usually written on the car listing. Generally speaking, car rental companies include drop off and pick up of the car in their price. Make sure to coordinate this with the Carpreneur.
  • How can I search for available cars on Shazza?
    You can browse our large and varied fleet listed here, where you can use our many filters to best find the perfect car for your needs. Your focus may be car model, price, color, length of booking, and more, and we can fulfil it all! If you can't find exactly what you’re looking for, please reach out to so we can help source the car for you!
  • Can I rent a car for someone else on Shazza?
    You can only rent a car for yourself, as the user ID must match the renters ID at time of booking.
  • Can I use Shazza if I don't have a drivers license?
    No, you can not rent a car through Shazza without a drivers license. However, that doesn't need to hold you back from being the best passenger buddy!
  • Are there any restrictions on mileage when renting through Shazza?
    Carpreneurs choose their own rental conditions for the cars they list on Shazza, however the standard daily mileage included in the booking is usually 250 km per day. Some Carpreneurs may permit pre-purchased extra mileage, and may charge a fee for going over the daily permitted mileage.
  • How does payment work for rentals?
    Renters can pay via Visa or Mastercard through the secured payment gateway, Mamo Pay. Deposits are held for 14 days after the end of booking, and returned in full if no deductions of speeding tickets, etc. We do not accept cash payments.
  • Can I modify or cancel my reservation?
    Yes, you can modify or cancel a reservation by logging in to your account and following the prompts in your booking, or reaching out to the Carpreneur directly. However, cancellation policies vary by car owner, so be sure to check the rental conditions before booking. And of course, we are always here to assist in anyway, and just an email away:
  • How are rental prices determined on Shazza?
    Carpreneurs set their own rental prices. Additionally, Shazza charges a 7.5% service fee to the renter, as well as the inevitable VAT (tax: 5%).
  • Are there any additional fees or charges on Shazza?
    Shazza charges a 7.5% service fee on top of the booking total, as well as the inevitable VAT (tax: 5%). Carpreneurs determine their own rental prices, as well as their deposit.
  • What happens if the rented car gets damaged or in an accident?
    Should any damages to the car occur during a booking, the renter should immediately inform the Carpreneur. Together, renter and Carpreneur determine a resolution. Renter has the right to request to see an estimate from the car workshop that confirms Carpreneurs repair quote. In the case that an agreement cannot be made, send an email to who will assist with reaching a resolution. Renters should not go fix something on the car without the Carpreneurs approval. The reason we require a video of the interior and exterior of the car, is to avoid any confusion regarding if damages arose before, during, or after booking, to protect our renters from paying for damages they didn't cause. In the case of an accident, Dubai law requires the driver of the car involved to contact Dubai Police (Call 999), who will respond accordingly to the accident and produce a report. If the renter receives a ‘green’ report, this means the renter was not at fault for the accident. If it is a ‘red’ report, this means the renter was at fault for the accident. It is important the renter keeps this report to share with the Carpreneur for insurance related purposes.
  • If a renter has full insurance, do they still need a police report if the car is damaged or there is an accident?
    For any insurance coverage to be applied to a rental agreement, a valid police report is mandatory. Renters may opt for third-party insurance before the booking (it cannot be added during the leasing period). Please refer to the question above.
  • Can I book a car with a driver?
    Yes, some Carpreneurs have a driver service they can provide with their cars. If you need a driver, reach out to our team at, and we will assist you in finding the best option for your needs.
  • What if I need to extend my rental period?
    You can contact the car owner directly to discuss extending your rental period. However, extension policies vary by car owner, so be sure to check the rental conditions before booking.
  • How can I contact the car owner?
    Once your booking has been confirmed, the Carpreneur will reach out to you to coordinate pick up/delivery of the car. In the case that they don't reach out immediately, you will have received an email with their contact information upon confirmation of booking, so you can call them as well.
  • What happens if the car owner cancels my reservation?
    If the Carpreneur cancels with over 24 hours til start of booking, there is no penalty. If the Carpreneur cancels within 24 hours of booking start, Carpreneur may face a short-notice cancellation fee up to 300 AED that goes to the renter as compensation. This is handled on a case by case basis.
  • What happens if the renter cancels the reservation?
    If the renter cancels with over 24 hours til start of booking, there is no penalty. If the renter cancels within 24 hours of booking start, renter may face a short-notice cancellation fee up to 300 AED that goes to the Carpreneur as compensation. This is handled on a case by case basis.
  • Is roadside assistance available through Shazza?
    In the case that a renter needs roadside assistance during a booking, they should first contact the Carpreneur to inform them of the situation. If your Carpreneur is a car rental company, they will likely have a partner for roadside assistance. Otherwise, your insurance has a number for you to call. In the case of minor accidents, call 901 or live chat with the Dubai police via their website or app.
  • How does Shazza handle cleaning and maintenance of rental cars?
    Carpreneurs are responsible for ensuring that their cars are clean and in good condition before each rental. Renters are expected to return the car in the same condition they received it. We have a two-way review system exactly for things like this: both sides are accountable for treating the cars with respect.
  • What do I do if I encounter a problem during my rental on Shazza?
    If you should encounter any car related problems, contact the Carpreneur. Should you need any assistance in any matter, Shazza is here to help! Reach out at
  • Can I rent a car on Shazza if I'm visiting Dubai as a tourist?
    Yes! As long as you hold a driver's license that permits you to drive in the UAE and are at least 21 years old, you’re good to go!
  • What happens if I return the car late?
    If the renter would like to extend the booking, they must reach out to the Carpreneur to ensure the car is available for an extension and at what rate. If the renter is running a few hours late, they must communicate it to the Carpreneur who then has the right to request a late return fee. This is taken on a case by case basis, where Shazza is here to support. (
  • Can I rent a car on Shazza for a one-way trip?
    Our cars are listed as price per day, however feel free to reach out to a Carpreneur to make a special request and maybe they can accommodate it! Feel free to reach out on for assistance with any type of booking request.
  • Are there any penalties for smoking or pets in the rented car on Shazza?
    If the car is listed as non-smoking and no pets and this is not respected, the Carpreneur is in their right to charge a penalty fee.
  • Can I rent a car on Shazza for multiple days or weeks?
    Yes! The prices are listed as daily rates, however cars that are available for longer term bookings are usually discounted for longer periods. Feel free to reach out to for help with special requests!
  • What if I have an issue with my rental?
    If you have any issues with your rental, you can contact the Carpreneur directly or reach out to Shazza's customer support team for assistance at
  • How can I provide feedback or report an issue with Shazza's service?
    We strive to provide the best service possible, so we welcome all feedback, positive and negative. Feel free to reach out to with any comments or queries, and we are here for you!
  • Who can list their car on Shazza?
    Private car owners and car rental companies. Cars must be RTA approved vehicles. Private car owners must be UAE residents, minimum 21 years old, and hold a valid drivers license.
  • How do I list my car on Shazza?
    To list your car on Shazza, simply create a user, provide ID documentation, fill out information about your car, and set your rental prices and conditions. Shazza will verify your identity and your car's information before your listing goes live.
  • What kind of drivers license do I need to drive in Dubai?
    Visitors must have a valid international drivers license, unless from a country that does not require it. UAE residents have held a valid UAE license for minimum one year.
  • What about traffic violations?
    We strongly advise all customers to follow the traffic regulations for their safety and to ensure that they adhere to the law. Any traffic violation fines incurred during a rental is deducted from the renters deposit. The most common traffic fines reported in the country include: Exceeding the speed limit Failure to pay for parking Poor lane discipline Not following traffic signals Failure to wear seat belts Using a phone while driving
  • Can a Shazza rental car be used for entertainment purposes, such as a video shoot?
    This is up to the individual Carpreneur. If they agree, they must provide a written approval confirming this. For guidelines on filming in Dubai, you may refer to the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) via How to film in Dubai.
  • What is Salik and how does it work?
    Salik is the UAE toll payment system. Each toll is charged at AED 4 per crossing. Shazza does not determine the price of Salik and to avoid any RTA fines we advise our Carpreneurs to ensure they must have sufficient money on their Salik account before renting the vehicle. You may understand Salik via RTA Salik Services Catalogue
  • Is there a refund available for unused days on a rental agreement, for example ending a booking early?
    Generally speaking, there are no refunds for unused days. On monthly or long-term rentals, if the renter has chosen to return before completion of the month, a refund may apply subject to the discretion of the Carpreneur themselves.
  • How does parking in Dubai work?
    Parking in UAE is readily available. Parking along the roadside is paid parking with parking meters installed. Parking charges vary by time of the day and parking zone. Customers need to check the parking zone they are using and pay the appropriate fee when parking their rented vehicle. The majority of Dubai parking is owned by the Roads and Transport Authority, to which you may use the Mpay SMS service to park. You can refer to the terms via RTA Parking Services. Any parking tickets incurred during a rental is deducted from the renters deposit. Download the app in theApp Store or Google Play to easily pay for parking on the go!
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