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The majority of our fleet comes from car rental companies, which have their own insurance that covers the renter during their booking. When booking from a private car owner, there are the following 3 options the Carpreneur can choose to accept from the renter:

Excess Deductible Deposit:  The Renter may pay the Vendor the deposit of the excess deductible amount as per the registered vehicle’s insurance policy. The deposit will be released upon the return of the vehicle based on no damages present. The amount will be added to the SHAZZA wallet and refunded into the wallet and released to the original method of payment.

International Insurance: The renter may provide a valid insurance from another country that will cover vehicle rental in the UAE. Documents must be approved by the Vendor in order for the insurance to be accepted. 

Third-party Insurance: Should the Renter take out third-party insurance, they must provide the Vendor with a copy of the said insurance with the specific details which are uploaded via the app. The Terms and Conditions set out in the third-party insurance must also be shared with the Vendor.

The Vendor may utilise the third-party insurance option via

SHAZZA holds no responsibility or liability for any third-party insurance and has no affiliation to Worldwide Insure.

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