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Day trip to Umm Al Quwain

Nestled within an hour's drive from the bustling city of Dubai, Umm Al Quwain beckons with its natural allure and a relaxed ambiance that offers a perfect escape for a weekend getaway without breaking the bank. 

This small yet mighty emirate boasts not only beautiful beaches but also a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and thrilling activities. 

Let's embark on a day trip to Umm Al Quwain, exploring 8 lovely things to see and do in this hidden gem of the United Arab Emirates.

Mangrove Beach: A Seaside Haven

Enjoy a beach day with kayaks and paddle boards for rent, a beachside cafe, and the option to camp overnight for a more immersive experience. It’s pet-friendly, making it an ideal spot for furry companions.

Cost: Entry with a car is Dhs20; overnight camping is available for Dhs100.

National Museum and Fort: Unveiling History

Despite its size, Umm Al Quwain boasts a rich history dating back to 1768. Explore the National Museum and Fort in the Old Souq area, offering a glimpse into the emirate's cultural heritage.

Cost: Entry is Dhs4, and children under 15 enter for free.

Dreamland Aqua Park: Splash into Fun

This is Umm Al Quwain's renowned waterpark with over 25 attractions. Aquatic rides, plunge pools, a giant wave pool, and a kamikaze ride for thrill-seekers. Camp overnight or enjoy plentiful dining spots within the park.

Cost: Dhs160 for adults, Dhs100 for seniors and children, free entry for infants and people of determination.

Local Culinary Delights: Savor South Asian Flavors

Umm Al Quwain's culinary scene offers down-to-earth cafeterias and roadside restaurants. Relish hot pieces of bread, curries, grilled meats, hummus, and Karak tea at establishments like Bahar Restaurant, Ajwa cafeteria, and Cardoba Restaurant. No road trip is ever complete without a stop at a local cafeteria for karak!

UAQ Marine Club: Adventure Awaits

An outdoor adventure center offering a variety of activities. Indulge in kayaking, canoeing, raft building, wall climbing, zip-lining, water skiing, wakeboarding, and more.

Camel Racing in Al Labsa: Ancient Sport with a Modern Twist

Experience the chaos and excitement of local camel races at Al Labsa, along the E55 Highway.

Robot jockeys add a modern edge to this ancient sport!

Umm Al Quwain Public Beach: Sun, Sand, and Serenity

A pristine public beach offering crystal-clear waters and vast stretches of shoreline. Enjoy a day of frolicking in the waves, sunbathing, and witnessing the simmering sunset.

Seneyah Island Boat Trip: Nature's Retreat

Located 19km from Umm Al Quwain, the island offers lush greens and serene blues. It’s ideal for bird watching with flamingos, herons, terns, and plovers.

In conclusion, Umm Al Quwain invites you to explore its diverse offerings, from pristine beaches to cultural gems and thrilling adventures. A day trip to this charming emirate promises a perfect blend of relaxation, discovery, and unforgettable experiences.

Choose Shazza and hire a car for that UAQ road trip today!

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