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Famous car logos and the stories behind them

We all have our preferences when it comes to cars - from the type of car to the actual make and model.

We also love our cars so much that we recognise their logos in an instant. But while we may know what our favorite car logos look like, we may not know the stories behind these famous logos.

So here’s Part 1 on the interesting stories behind the shiny logos of famous car brands:

Ferrari The famous prancing horse logo of Ferrari was adopted from the personal emblem of Count Francesco Baracca, an Italian air force pilot who was known for his daring and successful maneuvers during World War I. Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the company, met Baracca's parents after a race in 1923, and they suggested that he use their son's emblem on his cars for good luck. The emblem has been used on Ferraris ever since. Rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

Lamborghini The logo of Lamborghini features a charging bull, which is a nod to the founder Ferruccio Lamborghini's zodiac sign, Taurus. The story goes that when Lamborghini complained to Enzo Ferrari about the clutch of his car, Ferrari dismissed him as a "silly tractor manufacturer". This insult spurred Lamborghini to create his own brand of cars, and he chose the bull as a symbol of strength and power. Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai.

Alfa Romeo The logo of Alfa Romeo features a serpent eating a man, which is actually a depiction of the Visconti family crest. The Visconti family ruled Milan during the 14th century, and the serpent was a symbol of their power and wisdom. Alfa Romeo adopted the emblem in 1910, when the company was formed after a merger of several Italian car manufacturers.

BMW The blue and white logo of BMW is often mistaken for a propeller, but it actually represents the colors of the flag of Bavaria, the German state where the company was founded. The propeller story is a myth that arose in the 1920s, when BMW began producing aircraft engines and used a propeller in their advertising. Rent a BMW in Dubai.

Mercedes-Benz The logo of Mercedes-Benz features a three-pointed star, which represents the company's ambition to dominate the land, sea, and air. The star was first used by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, one of the companies that merged to form Mercedes-Benz, in the early 1900s. It was said to have been inspired by a postcard that Gottlieb Daimler, one of the founders of the company, sent to his wife, in which he drew a star over the house where he was staying and wrote "one day this star will shine over my own factory." Rent a Mercedes Benz in Dubai.

Now you know a little bit more about famous car brands and their unmistakable logos. Stay tuned to Shazza for Part 2 where we explore other famous car brand logos.

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