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Famous cars featured in Hollywood movies - Part 1

There are many famous cars that have been featured in movies over the years. These cars have either played an integral role in the movie or simply stood out just by being included. Either way, we know these cars are easily recognizable and bring a smile to the face of fans of the cars as well as the movies they featured in. Here are some examples we love: DeLorean DMC-12 The DeLorean is perhaps best known for its role as the time machine in the "Back to the Future" movie franchise. The car's iconic gull-wing doors and stainless steel body have made it a pop culture icon. There’s been rumours of a new DeLorean in the works and fans worldwide wait with bated breath for the launch! Aston Martin DB5 The Aston Martin DB5 is perhaps the most famous car in the James Bond movie franchise. It first appeared in the 1964 film "Goldfinger" and has since appeared in several other Bond movies. This classic beauty is timeless! Ford Mustang The Ford Mustang has appeared in many movies over the years, but perhaps its most famous role was as the car driven by Steve McQueen in the 1968 film "Bullitt." The car's high-speed chase through the streets of San Francisco has become a cinematic classic. Mini Cooper The Mini Cooper played a starring role in the 2003 heist movie "The Italian Job." The car's nimble handling and compact size made it the perfect choice for the movie's high-speed chase scenes through the streets of Los Angeles. Volkswagen Beetle The Volkswagen Beetle played a starring role in the 1969 movie "The Love Bug." The car's cute and quirky design, along with its personality and mischievous antics, made it a favorite among kids and adults alike. Another famous VW was Herbie - the anthropomorphic car that starred in several Disney movies in the 1960s and 1970s. The car's lovable personality and racing abilities made it a favorite among kids and families.

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