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5 ways to make money in Dubai

What comes to mind when you think of Dubai?

Skyscrapers, flashy lights and gold?. Just 3 things that are synonymous with Dubai. But this ultra modern metropolis is about so much more than the‘glitz and glam you see’!. It’s an always-happening city that welcomes you with open arms and endless opportunities to take your life to a whole new level.

When you live in a city like Dubai, you can just feel the vibe - and the need to hustle and make something of your time here. Whether you’re here for a good time or a long time, there’s no doubt that Dubai is geared towards making money and spending money.

So what do you do when you live in Dubai and need to make money? Here’s 5 ways to make money in the city of gold:

  1. Get a job

This is the most obvious way to make money in Dubai - or anywhere in the world, of course!. The amount of money you make is highly subjective and depends on many factors though. And sometimes that particulare job was not your career goal. But unless you’ve got a lot of capital on hand or a long line of investors to bankroll your startup idea, getting a job is your first port of call. This does not mean this would your only way towards financial strength - use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things (perhaps a new job, building your network or perhaps your own thing!). Just remember to work smarter, not harder!

  1. Become an “influencer”

There’s ample opportunity to become an influencer for just about anything, especially in a place like Dubai where everything is available everywhere, at all times. The most common influencers here are in the food and lifestyle spaces, but if you were able to find a niche subject, you could really make an impact because of the highly specific nature of your speciality. We know what you’re thinking - there’s so many influencers around the place - and yes, you’d be right - but how many truly stand out above the crowd? This is your chance to carve out your spot! And you can run it as a side job! There’s plenty of hard graft involved and you’ll need patience, but you’ve got every chance to do well!

  1. Flip stuff

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to brave the world of second hand goods, then you may be cut out to become a “flipper”. Embrace your inner Gary Vee and explore the various classifieds sites around to pick up bargains that you can easily sell for a profit. From whitegoods to furniture to jewellery to video games and clothes, there’s a buyer for everything. There’s even some gems to be found in the Free section of the classifieds which, after a bit of DIY, could be sold for a tidy yield. But buyer (and seller beware) - these classifieds sites are not for the weak hearted. Be prepared to spend a lot of time here not necessarily for research, but from silly low-ball offers and “last price” questions. Still, if you manage to get past all of that, you may well be able to stack your bars nicely by simply buying and selling through the classifieds!

  1. Get a side hustle

What do you do when you’ve got a caviar lifestyle, but your job only allows for a canned tuna budget? You get a side hustle!. UAE laws now allow for part time work in addition to your full time job (check the fine print of course!) and this is another great way to line your pockets a bit more. We’ve met people who run side hustles like event and party planning, photography (a huge market!), digital marketing services, graphic and logo design, babysitting, pet sitting and more!. The potential is there if you’ve got the time for it. The key is to find something you can easily do in your spare time, but still have some downtime for yourself!

5. Become a Carpreneur

No matter the economy or price of fuel, people still need to drive cars. And with Dubai being the home to some of the world’s most robust road infrastructure, there’s no better place to drive (or be driven!). It’s also an excellent place to make your car, make money for you. What’s a Carpreneur? A Carpreneur is a car owner making money off of their car by using Instead of your car sitting at home and collecting dust when you’re not using it, you can turn it into a money making asset by renting it out!. Shazza handles everything and puts you in the driver's seat, where you choose everything from how often your car is rented out, who it is rented out to and for how much. It’s a super easy way to make money and we are ready to help you get started!

Start making money from your car with Shazza - start here.

Download the Shazza app: iOS and Android.

What other ways can people make money in Dubai? Let us know!

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