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How to become a Carpreneur

First and foremost: what is a Carpreneur?

A Carpreneur is a car owner making money off of their car by renting it out on Shazza. Instead of your car sitting at home and collecting dust when you’re not using it, turn it into a money making asset! Secondly, becoming a Carpreneur on Shazza is so simple, we’re confident even your great grandmother could do it! Now, let's get into some more details.

Pros of being a Carpreneur on Shazza

  1. Earn extra money - having an extra income is the most obvious benefit

  2. Turn a liability into an asset - make money off of what was once only an expense

  3. Enjoy freedom and flexibility - you choose when to rent out your car

  4. You don’t have to do the hard work - Shazza is a one-stop-shop to manage your business and get renters

  5. Daily support from Shazza - whenever you need us, we are here for you!

  6. Smart learning technology - as the platform grows, our AI will educate Carpreneurs on best rental prices, increased rates based off the market, and more

Now that you know the pros of being a Carpreneur, let’s get you started on your Carpreneurial journey!

Sign up process:

  1. First you download our app via the App Store or Google Play, or go to our website to sign up as a user

  2. When you have created a user, you choose the “Become a Carpreneur” option

  3. Next step is to fill out your vehicle information and how you want to rent it out in three easy steps: description, location, pricing. Here you’ll be asked to upload the necessary documentation as well as pictures and videos of your car.

That’s it! Within 24 hours of submitting the required documents and information, your account will be verified and you are ready to start your Carpreneurial journey! Should you need any more information, check out our KYC info: KYC

GETTING PAID - How does it work?

There is no long wait for payouts! Shazza releases the payout for your bookings into your Shazza wallet latest 18 days after the end of the booking. Carpreneurs then choose their withdrawal method - debit card or bank transfer. This way, if you were to misplace your debit card or change banks, you don't risk losing any of your hard earned money!

As mentioned, with Shazza Carpreneurs are in charge, so they set their own rental prices. From the total booking cost, Shazza takes a 20% service fee. From the renters, Shazza takes a 7.5% service fee per booking. This is what enables us to provide you with the all-inclusive one-stop-shop experience of running your Carpreneur business.

For more information, give us a shout at

Now, let’s Shazza!

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