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9 essentials for every car, the Shazza way

At Shazza, we have a way of doing things when it comes to our wheels. Our cars should give us sheer driving pleasure (thank you BMW!) but not just with the way it drives, but with how it feels on the inside.

We’re not talking about under the hood. That’s for another day.

What we’re talking about are things you need to have in your car so that the general experience is comfortable and reassuring - for both you and your passengers.

So let’s get into the 9 essentials that every car needs:

Tissue box

Tissues are an absolute essential for any car. We don’t need to go into detail about the many moments you’ll need them. Just make sure your tissue box is always present AND stocked up. And before you head out to the dirham store for a tacky black and gold container, think again! There’s loads of tissue boxes that come in great designs AND many come with fancy scents (like oud!) - so there’s no need to be cheap with your tissue box!

Small change

Another one of those things we don’t need to fully explain. Although we now live in a cashless age with everyone tapping to pay for just about everything, money you can actually touch is still a thing. Whether you’re paying for karak tea or a car park car wash (we know you love them!), having small change on hand is super handy! How much you choose to hold is up to your individual circumstances but we recommend a variety of notes and coins for those moments where cash is the undeniable king.

Pen & Paper

Yes we know you love to take notes with your phone but sometimes you have to go old school with pen and paper. Maybe you're in a rush or your phone died, or you need to leave a note somewhere. If you really want to be cautious, throw in a pencil too - works every time!

Mobile charger

Do we really need to say more? Cigarette lighter adapters/plugs/sockets (whatever you wish to call them) are your best friend when it comes to keeping your phone juiced up. Some mobile charging kits come with a variety of cables for almost any mobile phone to keep you powered, no matter your device.


These are critical if you ever have car trouble at night or are in an area that is not well lit. We recommend keeping spare batteries on hand and regularly checking that your flashlight works. At Shazza, we love LED flashlights the best.

Reusable bags

Whether they’re made from plastic or another material, having reusable bags on hand is helpful for stashing things away or carrying things around. It’s also great for the environment, especially now that the UAE has quickly moved towards eradicating plastic bags from mainstream use. We recommend using recycled materials - these small efforts add up to great impacts!

Wipes and Hand Sanitiser

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to keep our hands clean. Having wipes and hand sanitiser in your car makes staying clean and cleaning up a breeze. Let's be honest - we’ve all snacked in the car and gotten greasy fingers on the wheel!

First Aid Kit

They usually have everything you need to handle minor emergencies, and you can buy them from any pharmacy or supermarket. Check the kit regularly for any refills that may be required. Shazza wishes you a pleasant drive and hope you never have to use this, but sometimes life happens!

Car Air Fresheners

Your ride should not only look fresh, but smell fresh too. Hook yourself up with some sweet car air fresheners (pine tree design optional!) and keep those pesky odours away. We don’t judge but hopping into a car that smells like takeaway and cigarettes just can't compare to a clean crisp scent!

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