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Back to School driving tips

September means everyone is back to school!

That also means a lot more cars on the road and more traffic to contend with.

This won’t be an issue because Shazza has some cool tips to help you navigate the back to school rush!

Be mindful of school zones

School zones have reduced speed limits and are usually enforced during school hours.

We recommend driving with caution in school zones at all times of the day because children are unpredictable and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Be mindful of school start and end times

While these might vary slightly for each school, there are lots of parents and school buses on the roads earlier in the day so you can expect more traffic even before school actually starts!

If you’re travelling in and around school zones, it’s best to plan ahead for delays (they are almost always inevitable!) or to simply avoid th

ese areas altogether.

Be safe in your car

As a driver, you know you have to wear your seatbelt (this is a non-negotiable with us at Shazza!) and Dubai has strict laws around this as well. But it’s equally important for your passengers to belt up, especially children. Be sure to get them to wear their seatbelt properly and if using a car seat, ensure it’s strapped in tightly and your precious little bundles are buckled up too. Safety is something we all have to take seriously!

When it comes to safe cars, we know that some makes and models stand out from the rest. Shazza works with Carpreneurs and rental companies to list cars that are safe to drive and are compliant with Dubai’s road rules. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Drive safe with Shazza and


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