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Changes to Dubai's Salik in 2024

Salik is Dubai's toll road system and is charged at 4 AED every time you pass through any of the 8 toll gates across the emirate.

Whilst the toll fees are set to remain the same, there will be 2 new Salik gates added to the network by November 2024.

One gate will be added at Al Safa South on Sheikh Zayed Road, between Al Meydan and Umm Al Sheif streets.

The other will be added to Al Khail Road at Business Bay Crossing marking the first time a Salik gate will be on this road.

We should point out that since there is already a Salik gate at Al Safa (known as Al Safa North), if you happen to pass through both the North and South gates within 1 hour, you will only be charged once.

This is currently in place for the Salik gates at Al Mamzar North and Al Mamzar South.

Road tolls help maintain infrastructure and whilst the idea of more tolls may seem daunting, we can all appreciate the excellent job the RTA does of building and managing Dubai's roads (when last did you see a pothole in Dubai?)

So what do these changes mean for you as a driver with Shazza?

Shazza is still the best place to rent a car in Dubai, no matter which roads you drive on and how many Salik gates you pass through!

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