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Dubai's Roads: rules to live by

If you're a new driver or a tourist driving in Dubai for the first time, it's crucial to be aware of the local traffic rules and regulations. Here are some essential rules and tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience in Dubai:

Stay Right, Drive Right

   - Cruise on the right side of the road for a seamless Dubai driving experience. 

Buckle Up for the Ride

   - Strapped for safety! Seat belts are a must for all passengers — no exceptions.

Need for Speed Limits

   - Follow the rhythm of the road with posted speed limits. Don't miss the beat!

Zero Tolerance for Drinking and Driving

   - Partying? Keep it off the road. Dubai has a strict no to drinking and driving policy.

Mobile Off, Drive On

   - Put your phone on silent and enjoy the city views hands-free. No texting and driving allowed.

Zoom Through Salik Tolls

   - Top up your Salik credit for smooth sailing through toll gates.

Overtake with Style

   - Pass on the left, chill on the right. No undertaking drama, please!

Traffic Signals: Stop, Look, Go!

   - Colors matter! Green means go, red means stop. Simple as that.

Respect the Crosswalk

    - Pedestrians first! Pause for people at crossings to avoid fines and frowns.

Park Like a Pro

    - Park only where it’s allowed. Park in your lane. Pay for your parking (it’s free on weekends and public holidays though!)

Courtesy is Cool

    - No need to tailgate. Use those indicators! Be the road buddy everyone loves.

Lane Loyalty

    - Stick to your lane, signal your move. No sudden surprises on the road catwalk.

Emergency Vehicles Rule

    - Make way for heroes! Pull over, stop, and let emergency vehicles race to the rescue.

Watch Out for Cameras

    - Smile for the cameras, but not the traffic ones! Stick to speed limits to avoid fines.

Little VIPs Need Seats

    - Kid's onboard? Strap them in the right car seat. Safety first, always!

Sandstorm Showdown

    - Drive low and slow during sandstorms. Headlights on, visibility strong!

Embrace the thrill of Dubai's roads, where every turn reveals a new adventure. Buckle up, rev those engines, and let the city's pulse guide your journey! 

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