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How to save money while driving in Dubai

We’re all too familiar with the demands that come with living in such an incredible city like Dubai.

With rising costs everywhere, it can be challenging to find corners to cut in order to get ahead.

The cost of owning and driving a car can be high, but there are many simple ways to save money. Here are some tips on how to lower your fuel costs and car maintenance costs:

Consolidate trips and errands.

Dubai has great roads to drive on but by planning your errands so that you can complete multiple tasks in one trip, you’ll save some serious money and time.

Drive smoothly. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking, and try to keep your speed consistent. This will help you save fuel and extend the life of your brakes. We know it can be hard with the sheer randomness in driving abilities in Dubai!

Turn off the air conditioner. Hold up - we know it’s super hot out there so chill! What we’re saying is to wait for the cooler months when you can roll down the windows to circulate air instead of using the air conditioner. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the cost savings!

Choose the best route - let Google Maps/Waze decide! If possible, choose a route with fewer stop signs and traffic lights. Take SZR with Salik which gets you there quicker OR take the more scenic, toll-free route down Jumeirah Road with oh so many traffic signals!

Monitor your tyres. Keep your tyres properly inflated, especially in summer when they expand even more due to the heat. Under-inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption but over-inflated tyres are a safety hazard!

Get your car serviced regularly. A properly tuned engine will use less fuel. Work with your mechanic and don’t be afraid to haggle for a sweeter deal. It’s always better to pay for a regular service (even if your wallet says no!) than to delay services and cause more long term damage to your car (which could cost you even more in repairs!).

By following these tips, you can lower the costs of owning and driving a car in Dubai.

For everything else, there’s always the Metro!

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