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New study: Nissan Sunny is the coolest of the cool

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

It’s official folks.

The humble Nissan Sunny is officially part of the cool kids club.

We all know what a Nissan Sunny is.

They are literally everywhere in Dubai.

They’re the steed of choice for people who drive all day every day.

And for plenty of good reasons too.

The AC always works. It’s Arctic or nothing. There is no in between. And for the few ‘not so hot’ months we get in Dubai, you can always roll down your windows. Yes, some Nissan Sunny varieties have rollers still! (but thankfully most are in the modern era with electric windows).

When it comes to fuel, they take small sips. Unlike the Pajeros, Jeeps and Chargers out there, Nissan Sunny isn’t a thirsty little so-and-so. It knows how manage whatever amount of fuel you give it. It’s grateful and uses petrol sparingly. Your wallet should be thankful!

It never says die. These little lightning bolts on wheels always give it their all. Whether it’s careening down Sheikh Zayed Road or zipping between the back roads of Al Quoz or even simply finding a parking spot in Dubai Mall on a Saturday night, the Nissan Sunny never quits.

We challenge you to find a Nissan Sunny in another colour other than white but despite having this color monopoly, you’ll always be able to find your particular Nissan Sunny in a crowd.

There’s just something super special about these little pocket rockets that makes them stand out above the crowd.

In a land full of monster SUVs and sleek sedans, choose a Nissan Sunny today.

It’s what the cool kids drive anyway!

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