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Rush hour in Dubai and roads to avoid

“I love traffic!” Said no one, ever.

Except, maybe, taxi drivers who get paid a bit more when there’s a traffic jam

But if you’re renting a car on Shazza and driving around Dubai, you definitely want to avoid traffic as much as you can.

The reality is: traffic is guaranteed in any big city - Dubai is no exception. However, Shazza has some tips for you on how you can minimize your time in traffic!

Let’s frame it around motorways, which ones to avoid and at what times:

Hessa Street first comes to mind - because this bit of road is almost always at a standstill, or an extremely slow crawl at the best of times. We wish there was a good time to drive on Hessa Street but it’s always busy, and just busier at your typical rush hours. The good news is that the RTA is said to be working on improving things over the coming years - and since Dubai generally works fast, we won’t have to wait too long for this!

Sheikh Zayed Road - this is hard to avoid, given it’s the main highway to get around Dubai. But the key is to know when to avoid it! In the mornings, southbound traffic from Sharjah to Dubai is particularly challenging (moreso at/around the border) and in the evenings, northbound traffic from Dubai to Sharjah is just as tough, if not, worse. We do not recommend important travel at either of these times as you could well be spending in excess of 1 hour in traffic, with little to show for it!

Al Khail Road - this is a much better road to travel on in general however as there will be others with the same idea, it can also get congested. It’s typically busy in the mornings and afternoons but it often tends to be in specific areas.

Emirates Road - as it’s further out, it’s often a road less traveled - but it’s popular with trucks and heavy vehicles because there’s a lot less regular traffic. It’s a handy motorway to use if you have time on your hands but evenings can get hectic. It also does add on a bit more to your travel time if you’re not fussed!

Now we know it’s not easy to avoid major roadways given the size of Dubai. We find that being careful with your timing is key. For example, knowing when school is in or out - this greatly affects your drive time, especially if you’re going to be in school zones. We hear the school zone near Al Zahra Hospital in Al Barsha can be mind melting if you get stuck!

Pro tip: pack some snacks and drinks if you’re venturing out and think you may get caught in traffic. It helps to avoid getting hangry and the water will keep you cool to avoid any road rage. (PS. keep calm and avoid any rude gestures!)

Happy cruisin’!

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